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Power of Attorney Health (Living Will)

One of the most important steps every single person should take place in planning their estate is executing a Power of Attorney for Health. The purpose for the Power of Attorney for Health is to notify physicians of a person who you have nominated to make medical decisions for you should you be unable to make those decisions for yourself. It also allows you to inform the person you name as your attorney and the Doctor the amount of care you wish to receive should you be in a life threatening condition.

By naming a Power of Attorney for Health you direct the doctors to listen to the person you name and give that person access to your medical records and information. The Power of Attorney for Health even gives the person the power to withdraw life support should an irreversible coma or other type of life threatening medical condition arise. Without this document doctors may be forced to take whatever measures available to sustain the patients life, without considering the suffering that person might incur or the quality of life they will have afterwards. The Power of Attorney for Health is a critical piece of every Estate Plan produced by the attorneys of Urban & Burt, Ltd.