*** COVID-19 NOTICE ***
At Urban & Burt, Ltd we believe that a client's relationship with their attorney is always a very personal one, that is why we have typically only conduct in person initial consultations. Due to the concerns with the CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 Public Emergency we have decided to cancel all in person client meetings. We are however available to conduct consultations and meetings via scheduled phone or video conferences. Please contact us to schedule a 1/2 hour free phone consultation with an attorney. Our Attorneys and Staff are all working from home with full access to our phone system and computer network. Staff are regularly checking for postal mail, however we request that clients condiser sending all corrospondence via email for faster response. Clients should contanct their attorney for more infomation on the closure of the Courts and means of bringing emergency motions.

Real Estate

The purchase or sale of residential real estate and the lease, purchase or sale of investment property is usually one of the most important investment and personal decisions of individuals, families and businesses. Many times, the decisions surrounding real estate transfers are crucial to the financial and personal well-being of the parties involved. Real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, and others associated with the transaction have substantial income to be derived from the transaction in the form of commissions and other compensation and this may influence their advice to the client. By contrast, an attorney’s compensation on a real estate transaction is usually modest and is not contingent upon any particular transaction being completed. In addition, the skilled real estate attorney, by virtue of his or her education and experience, has knowledge that cannot be matched by other real estate professionals, such as brokers and sales associates. An independent attorney has undivided loyalty to the client and the client’s interest in a transaction. Before signing any document or making any statement in real estate transaction, you should consult a skilled real estate attorney as to the consequences of your action. Urban & Burt has skilled real estate attorneys that will advise you regarding your transaction.