Support Services

Our firm strives to retain the best of traditional practices while implementing those modern techniques which result in a more efficient and a more personal approach to the practice of law.  In order to achieve this goal, our firm maintains a computer network for word processing in the preparation of legal documents.  Each attorney can review these documents as well as retrieve other information from the computer network through the workstation at each desk.  Our firm’s computer facilities are among the most advanced in the legal community nationwide.  Urban & Burt, Ltd.’s offices are linked to the Internet by high-speed T1 lines which allow Internet access by the staff, as well as secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) access by the attorneys from home.  In addition, Urban & Burt, Ltd. has teleconferencing facilities to allow face-to-face meetings to take place over Urban & Burt, Ltd.’s high-speed Internet connection.  This advanced technology allows us to provide the best legal services available while saving money for our clients.

At Urban & Burt, Ltd. we are open and working to solve your legal issues. Due to COVID-19 We're now offering free consultations via Phone or Video Conference.
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