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Many couples who have decided to divorce believe that they will be able to accomplish a dissolution of their marriage easily. They believe that they agree about everything. At Urban & Burt, Ltd., we have been helping clients with their marriage issues since 1952, and we know that it is very rare for divorcing couples to be in agreement on all issues. A truly uncontested divorce is very rare, especially if the couple has children.

However, we also know that it is indeed possible to divorce without a trial before a judge if all issues are agreed to beforehand. Our attorneys help clients get to this point, using our negotiating skills and our in-depth knowledge of family law to devise solutions that work for our clients and their children.

Helping Clients Answer All Questions

Clients are often surprised to learn that even though they believed they wanted an uncontested divorce; they had not considered all the issues. That is why it is critical to consult an experienced lawyer who can ensure that all important questions and issues are addressed. We have assisted too many clients who had not considered all the factors before consulting with a skilled family law attorney and then wanted to modify their divorce agreements because an issue had arisen that had not been anticipated.

Legal Separation

Legal separation is similar to divorce but does not legally end a marriage. Although this alternative to divorce was once popular because of religious prohibitions against divorce, there are other reasons to separate rather than divorce. A primary example is the need to obtain health insurance. If one spouse is ill and cannot qualify for private health insurance, relying on the other spouse’s employer-provided medical insurance becomes an important consideration. Each medical plan needs to be carefully reviewed as to coverage after a divorce or legal separation. A legal separation allows the ill or disabled spouse to remain on the other’s insurance, even though in every other way the couple is divorced. Our Illinois attorneys advise clients about the pros and cons of a separation agreement and help them accomplish their goals.

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