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Our law firm has been handling divorce and family law matters since 1952. Over the years, we have seen that when our clients have all the information they need, the process is less frightening. The attorneys at the Illinois firm of Urban & Burt, Ltd., are committed to giving clients details about the process and alert them in a timely manner to all the decisions they will need to make.

We urge anyone either considering or in the midst of divorce to consult an experienced family law attorney. We have seen many divorces made far more difficult because of inaccurate information provided by well-meaning friends and family. The stakes are high and include children’s futures and the financial future of the spouses after divorce.

Our law firm handles all matters related to divorce, including:

  • Child custody and visitation: It is important to get this right, as the outcome of custody and visitation arrangements will affect parenting time, support and other issues in the divorce. This is as important in the dissolution of domestic partnerships as in the ending of a marriage.
  • Child and spousal support: We make sure that all relevant information is included in the development of child support to be paid or received.
  • Support and maintenance modifications: When it is possible to demonstrate either significant changes in parental circumstances or danger to the child, support can be modified. Similar criteria apply to modification of spousal maintenance/alimony.
  • Parentage/paternity: These issues typically arise when one parent is seeking child support from the other parent, or they are seeking involvement in the child’s life.
  • Property division: Dividing marital property equitably during divorce depends on full disclosure by both parties. Our attorneys help clients navigate the property division process and obtain a fair settlement.
  • Adoptions and guardianships: We facilitate stepparent and relative adoptions and guardianships.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Prenuptial agreements are particularly useful in cases involving second marriages or when the parties have significant disparities in incomes and assets.
  • Legal separation and uncontested divorce: Legal separation is often an alternative for couples who do not wish to live together but do not want a divorce. Uncontested divorces are when the parties reach a complete agreement to divide the marital assets and property. However, with an experienced lawyer, it is possible to deal with contested issues before a trial, saving the client money and reducing stress through a negotiated settlement.

Child Custody and Divorce Lawyers

No matter what the circumstances, there is little doubt that a divorce proceeding is an extremely upsetting event for the whole family. In recognition of this fact, the attorneys at Urban & Burt, Ltd. offer this information to provide our clients with a general overview of the issues surrounding a divorce proceeding as well as to answer the more common questions our clients have asked us over the years. Although the information provided may answer some general questions, it is important to realize that each case is unique involving individuals who have different needs and goals. For that reason, Urban & Burt, Ltd. strongly recommends that you resist relying on the advice from otherwise well-meaning friends or family members and seek out the counseling of a skilled and experienced attorney concentrating in matrimonial law. Select a link to an area or topic about Family Law that you want to know more about.

Child Support | Divorce | Child Custody

When dealing with divorce or child custody disputes, it is important to have experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel to help avoid the pitfalls inherent in such matters. At Urban & Burt, Ltd., our south suburban Chicago law firm, has been providing legal representation since 1952. The attorneys who practice family law focus in this area and have a depth of knowledge that helps our clients achieve a fair resolution.

Representation Where Clients Need It

Our clients appreciate our knowledge and convenience. They, and we, believe that obtaining cost-effective and experienced family law representation should not require a trip downtown. We do have satellite offices for clients who work downtown or find it more convenient to meet with us elsewhere. We are here for the convenience of clients, whether in the suburbs or in the Loop. Post Covid-19 we are also conducting conferences via telephone or video via Zoom.

Sophisticated Family Law Advocacy

Our attorneys are not generalists. They handle sophisticated family law matters, some of which have gone to the Illinois Supreme Court and have become precedent setting family law. We do not shy away from dealing with challenging issues such as fathers’ rights, same-sex couples, domestic violence and contested prenuptial agreements.

Experience, Knowledge and a Passion for Justice

Whether we handle an unusual or sophisticated matter or guide clients through a relatively straightforward divorce, one thing is constant our Oak Forest family law attorneys are dedicated to helping separating families resolve problems and obtain a fair resolution. Divorce and related family law problems are difficult enough. Having an attorney with significant knowledge and experience can ease the anxiety and allow individuals to move forward after their legal matters are concluded.

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Often, divorce actions involve the division of business interests, income tax ramifications become critical in the division of marital assets and pension rights, and transactions of real estate interests are bound to occur. You should realize that divorce actually deals with the division of everything a couple has worked for and accumulated during their marriage to each other, as well as the effects of this division on their future and the future of their children. Given the gravity of what is involved in a divorce, we feel that there can never be a time in one’s life when it is more critical to have the right attorneys representing you. Urban & Burt, Ltd. offers a free consultation in order to provide our clients with the opportunity to discuss their specific case with one of our attorneys who concentrates their practice in the area of divorce. We can conduct the consultation in person in our office, via telephone, or via video conference on Zoom. If you are calling in for a remote conference, we ask that you are in a quiet, private location, without distractions. Contact our family law and divorce lawyers for a free 30-minute consultation. Call us at 708-381-5427 to learn how we can help. e will respond as soon as possible during normal office hours to schedule your free consultation. Thank you.

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