*** COVID-19 NOTICE ***
At Urban & Burt, Ltd we believe that a client's relationship with their attorney is always a very personal one, that is why we have typically only conduct in person initial consultations. Due to the concerns with the CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 Public Emergency we have decided to cancel all in person client meetings. We are however available to conduct consultations and meetings via scheduled phone or video conferences. Please contact us to schedule a 1/2 hour free phone consultation with an attorney. Our Attorneys and Staff are all working from home with full access to our phone system and computer network. Staff are regularly checking for postal mail, however we request that clients condiser sending all corrospondence via email for faster response. Clients should contanct their attorney for more infomation on the closure of the Courts and means of bringing emergency motions.

Practice Area

In Illinois, the profession specifically forbids the use of the term “specialization” (except in Patent, Copyright and Admiralty Law). Attorneys are, however, allowed to concentrate in various fields of law.

At the law firm of Urban & Burt, Ltd, our attorneys concentrate in the following areas:

  • Bankruptcy (Business and Personal)
  • Corporate and Business
  • Criminal and Serious Traffic Offenses
  • Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts)
  • Estate Transfer and Probate
  • Family Law
  • High-Tech and Internet Law
  • Personal Injury and Tort Litigation (Serious Injuries and Wrongful Death)
  • Real Estate (Commercial and Residential)
  • Workers’ Compensation

While our attorneys exhibit expertise in certain areas of concentration, they also take an interdisciplinary approach when analyzing and solving legal problems.

We process all our own trial and appellate work in both the Appellate and Supreme Courts.